The S/S 19 swimwear collection

The CollectionIntroducing classic swim trunks for the fifth time around - this time with minor updates.

Introducing classic swim trunks for the fifth time around - this time with minor updates.

This is the fifth summer we’re doing the classic swim trunk. This year you’ll find some minor design updates with a slightly higher back-rise and two centimeters extra leg length. The rest stays the same – short legs for a flattering fit, single back pocket, side slits and a white mesh lining. We believe the style has become so popular since, strangely enough, it’s seems hard to find straight cut swimwear in nice block colors – the option for everyone who’s tired of baggy swimwear or bold prints.

This year, we decided to shoot the swim trunks where they were made - in Portugal.

The new collection features four colours: Navy, Bottle Green, Coral and Eucalyptus.

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We welcome the limited edition Daily Runner to our collection. Inspired by the running sneaker boom in the ’80s it comes in Italian velour suede and Spanish nylon.

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Stefan Pagréus

Behind A Day's MarchIn our founder series, we present the trio behind A Day’s March. Part-time creative director, part-time clinical psychologist, Stefan Pagréus also oversees the overall leadership and well-being of A Day’s March.

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