Corduroy A/W 18

The men of the French and English aristocracy sported corduroy pants back in the 18th century. During the 19th century cord became the fabric of choice for the English working class, as industry jobs demanded a uniform that could take some wear and tear. In the 20th century the cord was picked up by the intellectuals of Greenwich Village, Ivy League preps, uptown aristocrats and downtown deviants. In pop-culture, misfits are often portraid wearing corduroy, like Bill Murray in Wes Andersons "The Royal Tenenbaums" and Dustin Hoffman in the classic "The Graduate".
Corduroy has had its ups and downs but can clearly qualify as one of the most classic fabrics around, and for good reasons. It's highly durable and makes garments great to fight the winter with, as the dense weave blocks out the cold. For this autumn you'll find a collection of A Day's March corduroy overshirts, pants and shirts – all versatile garments designed to keep you looking stylish throughout the colder months.