Overshirt and Out

Behind A Day's MarchKieron Dempsey leans back from the small world and risked it all in style.

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The founder series:
Stefan Pagréus

Behind A Day's MarchIn our founder series, we present the trio behind A Day’s March. Part-time creative director, part-time clinical psychologist, Stefan Pagréus also oversees the overall leadership and well-being of A Day’s March.

Style Advice:
Swedish Midsummer

Style AdviceWe're closing in on Swedish Midsummer, an ancient tradition originating from the Vikings. If you're visiting a Swedish Midsummer party this Friday, be prepared for the following.

The founder series:
Marcus Gårdö

Behind A Day's March In our founder series, we present the trio behind A Day’s March. CEO Marcus Gårdö tells the story about a lack of clothes to wear for a dinner party that turned into a strong business model.